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Lanning's offers top of the line quality and service to our commercial customers. Our custom meat cutting operation is staffed with professional meat cutters ready to serve all your needs for pork, beef, poultry, and many other items. We also have a state of the art grinding and patty operation, featuring the latest technology in forming, allowing for many different size patties. We offer the freshest produce and dairy products available.

All this quality can be delivered to your door in both a timely and
professional manner.

Steak Cutting

From our precision cut beef steaks, to our custom cut poultry, pork and lamb, we take great pride in each and every product produced. Special request packaging and "can you cut it this way", is a daily routine at Lannings.

Lanning's Foods Lanning's Foods Lanning's Foods Lanning's Foods

Ground Beef

Gourmet Sausages

Fresh Produce

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